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Music Processing Suite (MPS) is a software system for advanced symbolic music processing with the following features:

Music Modeling

MPS is based on music models containing individual representations of musical aspects and contexts such as meter, tempo, rhythms, pitches, scales, harmonies, loudness, lyrics and more.


Music Analysis

Analysis infrastructure for statistical music analysis and visualization. MPS generates PDF reports containing statistical diagrams, tables, graphs and Markov models.


Composition Language

Composition language for intuitive, redundancy-free music specification and notation. Easily create your own scores and lead sheets.


Music Search

Advanced context-sensitive music search functionality



Transformation infrastructure for conversions between various music representation formats such as MPS Models, MIDI, MusicXML, LilyPond, PDF, CSV, SuperCollider and more.


Powerful IDE

MPS is a powerful customizable application based on Eclipse


News and Updates

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Official Release of Music Processing Suite

Dear visitors,

the very first official version of Music Processing Suite was released today. Version 1.0.0 can now be downloaded from this website.

In the hope that the software will be useful for musicians and scientists, I am very curious to hear what you think about MPS and if you have any ideas, thoughts or suggestions. Please comment on the mailing list or write me a mail directly.

Best regards,

Latest Release

Latest MPS version: 1.13.0
Released on April 8, 2023

Music Processing Suite is developed by David Pace and originates from his dissertation project at the University of Music in Karlsruhe, Germany.