Music Search

Musical corpora can be searched with MPS using context based queries. This is accomplished with the following search infrastructure:

To formulate search queries, fragments of the domain-specific composition language MC2L are interpreted as search queries. For instance, the rhythm of Beethoven’s 5th symphony motif can be found with the search query.

rhythm _8 8 8 8 2

By using the context-based composition model of MPS, it is also possible to formulate context-dependent search queries. For example, to look for the motif in a 2/4 metric context, the search query looks like this:

time 2/4, rhythm _8 8 8 8 2

Of course, this can be extended to as many contextual constellations as desired. Let’s search for the motif in a specific metric context and harmonic context:

time 2/4, harmony Cm, rhythm _8 8 8 8 2

There are more search options for further search query abstractions, for example harmonic abstractions. Refer to the documentation for more details.

Search results are presented in the IDE in a convenient hierarchically grouped result view: