Release of Music Processing Suite 1.11.0

Music Processing Suite 1.11.0 was released on May 22, 2022.

Important note: MPS now requires Java 17 to run. It is recommended to download a Java 17 JDK for your operating system from Zulu.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • General:
    • Updated Eclipse base platform to version 2022-03
  • MusicXML Support:
    • MPS now supports MusicXML 4.0
    • MusicXML score export now includes chord symbols
    • Improved internal caching of instrument associations
  • Sentiment Analysis:
    • Sentences are now also divided at semicolons
    • Removed VADER sentiment analysis framework since CoreNLP provides much better results for lyrics
  • Music Analysis:
    • The analysis view is opened automatically if not already opened after music was analyzed
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements:
    • Automatic detection of external applications now includes the AppData/Local and AppData/Roaming folders on Windows
    • If an external application can not be located, additional details about searched paths is available in the displayed dialog
    • Composition files can now have the extensions *.mcl or *.mc2l
  • Documentation:
    • Updated documentation regarding Java requirements
    • Rhythm documentation was enhanced with an example containing tied notes and minor issues were fixed
    • Old keyword tonalCenter was consistently replaced with key


  • MusicXML:
    • MusicXML parser did not process bass notes of harmonies in all cases
    • Fixed a bug which caused wrong instrument associations of percussion instruments while loading MusicXML files
    • Simultanous percussion notes and percussion rests are now correctly placed in MPS streams
    • Fixed a “ripple effect” during instrument detection that caused instrument names to be considered similar depending on the sequence of instruments that were provided
    • Fixed NullPointerException if note head information is not present
    • MusicXML parser: poet was not read correctly
    • MusicXML export: composer was written to output instead of poet
  • Sentiment Analysis:
    • Fixed race condition when starting external CoreNLP server – first request sporadically resulted in
    • Connections to CoreNLP servers are now always released even if the response cannot be parsed – in previous versions this could cause the client to block indefinitely
  • Miscellaneous Bugfixes:
    • Fixed spelling of Mandolin (it’s not Mandoline) on the UI and in LilyPond include file names that are required to generate fret board diagrams
    • Fixed a NullPointerException that happend while automatically searching external applications on Windows
    • CoreNLP could not be located automatically on Windows because MPS looked for the wrong JAR file name
    • Fixed java.lang.Error: SWT Resource was not properly disposed when closing the analysis view
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