Release of Music Processing Suite 1.1.0

Music Processing Suite 1.1.0 was released on April 8, 2018.

New Features:

  • Configuration for score generation is now managed for each input file individually in launch configurations
  • Improved support for chord symbols in MusicXML files
  • Score compiler automatically detects if two piano staves are used and produces a suitable piano staff layout
  • Added score generation option to omit instrument names at the left hand side of the staves
  • Added option to export analysis log files
  • Added option to export analysis results for each file when analyzing multiple compositions
  • Improved documentation and screenshots for configuring analysis, score generation, LaTeX and GraphViz


  • Fixed pitch resolution logics relative to harmonic context
  • Fixed serialization issues when writing to the same file more than once
  • Internal optimizations of harmony and key analysis, fixes a problem where harmonic progression data was not exported when performing global analysis
  • Fixed a bug in SuperCollider compiler which sometimes caused the tempo to become zero
  • Fixed NullPointerExceptions when evaluating configuration options
  • Fixed various Exceptions in analysis code in corner cases
  • Fixed NullArgumentException when analyzing lyrics which occurred if words are not terminated correctly in MusicXML files
  • Include MIDI files when scanning corpus contents recursively (before, only MusicXML files were taken into account)
  • Improved String representations of model elements, added missing information to harmony representations