Release of Music Processing Suite 1.14.0

Music Processing Suite 1.14.0 was released on February 8, 2024.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Updated Eclipse base platform to version 2023-12
  • MuseScore 4 is now detected automatically as score generation application
  • Tempo specifications are now added to generated scores by default
  • Added analysis feature for scale conformity in the scope of the whole piece. The algorithm computes the semitone distance of all pitches to the context harmony root note and the key root note. At the end the conformity of all built-in scales is computed as a percentage value.


  • MusicXML Processing:
    • When playing back generated MusicXML files, instrument sounds were not correct in all cases. A new attribute for instrument definitions was introduced that allows to specify the MusicXML instrument sound as specified in the MusicXML specification. The MPS instrument library was enhanced where applicable.
  • Composition Editor:
    • In case a score was generated for a composition file which was not saved yet, a dialog appeared asking whether the file should be saved. However, the old version was still used. This issue has been fixed.