Release of Music Processing Suite 1.2.0

Music Processing Suite 1.2.0 was released on October 26, 2018.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Updated underlying Eclipse platform to 4.7 (Oxygen)
  • Optimized model compression algorithm in deriver
  • Derived models now contain time signatures, intrument contexts and keys
  • Added algorithm which derives scale degrees relative to the key
  • Added option to enable degrees relative to the key
  • Added configuration parameter for context layer model scaling
  • Added documentation for visualization options
  • Improved path presentations is search result view
  • Improved piano roll plots in analysis reports
  • Columns in aggregated plots are now sorted in analysis reports
  • Added support for half-diminished and diminished seventh chords
  • Improved colors in 3D plots
  • Made documentation and user interface consistent regarding the term “context layer model”
  • Documentation now has table of contents
  • MPS now includes the Eclipse Marketplace Client


  • Resolved bugs when resolving fragment references with additional child nodes
  • Fixed ClassCastException that occurred when deriving compressed rhythm representations contained in modifiers
  • Fixed bug resulting in inconsistent tempo specifications when reading MIDI files
  • Fixed inconsistent measure boundaries which occurred when voice begins with rest
  • Fixed issue in which measures with the same boundaries were created twice
  • Fixed TeX capacity exceeded error when generating analysis reports
  • Fixed unicode handling in analysis reports
  • Empty circle of fifth plots in analysis reports are now skipped
  • Fixed export of missing key-related data during analysis
  • Analysis log files are now created correctly (were empty sometimes)
  • Fixed LilyPond export for maj9 chords
  • Octave translation problem when using pitch modifiers was solved
  • Fixed octave translation problem for transposed instruments
  • Tied notes are exported correctly now
  • Fixed problem regarding quotes in metadata fields (such as title, composer etc.)
  • Lyric syllables are now handled correctly after tied notes
  • Harmony stream is only filled if harmonies are explicitly specified
  • Prevent NullPointerException if score geneneration is launched but file does not exist anymore
  • Fixed loudness handling for chords when exporting scores